2014 Thankful for Books, Day 1

Each year, as Thanksgiving approaches, I take a moment to reflect and give thanks to the books that influence me, my family, and my students.  Today, I’m thankful for:

Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Realistic fiction, Humorous.  Stand-alone / series (Fudge).  Share with ages 5+.

Peter Hatcher shares stories about life as a fourth grader, both at school and at home.  It’s his little brother, 3-year-old Fudge that makes this chapter book – first published in 1972 – appealing to readers today.  Fudgie steals the story with his outrageous-yet-believable antics in the humorous, memoir-themed chapters.

I read this book over 30 years ago in 4th grade and loved every moment.  My husband and I shared it with J-girl and my boy H this summer on our 2014 West Coast Road Trip, laughing our way through the desert in Utah and Nevada. Not a week goes by without someone saying “Eat It or Wear It!” during dinner in homage to Fudge’s dinnertime drama.  Thanks, Judy Blume!

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