Library Lessons: Nov 19-21, 2014 – Jon Klassen, summary writing, planting pumpkins!

Week 11!

Short, 3-day week for students, the book fair was delivered and set up, and I was observed by an instructional mentor / mentee pair from the district.  And it was C-O-L-D outside!

Kindergarten:  Week 2 of a Jon Klassen author/illustrator study.

We began by rereading a line from I Want My Hat Back, when snake says, “I have seen a hat once.  It was blue and round.”  I wondered to the students if Klassen knew he was going to write another hat-themed story when he wrote those words, when show the back cover of This Is Not My Hat.  While reading, there is a lot of discussion about the eyes of the big fish and what they tell the reader: asleep, awake, curious, angry.  We also discuss how the little fish, who narrates the entire story, isn’t present for a number of pages at the beginning: Where is he?  Why isn’t he here?  I finished by sharing a photo of me, Mac Barnett and Jon at ALA in Vegas.  The students guessed which man was Jon based on the hat: they knew he liked to write stories with hats, so they predicted he was the person in the hat!

2nd grade: Sophie’s Squash, Rotten Pumpkins, and planting pumpkins!

4th grade: Final week of NW Coastal Peoples note-taking!  Hooray!

This week, students took their key words and wrote summaries.  We discussed having a good lead-in sentence that introduced the audience to the subject and topic (i.e., NW Native Americans and Land & Salmon).  We worked together to create a good intro for my notes, then I sent the students off to write their own summaries.  Overall, very successful!

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