I’ll Give You the Sun


I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Realistic fiction, YA.  Stand-alone novel.  371 pages. © 2014.  Share with ages 13+.

7 word summary: Love, life, family, art, creativity, anger, peace.

Twins Jude and Noah are tighter than tight.  Art is introvert Noah’s solace in a bully-filled life, while outgoing Jude’s growing up faster than ever.  Fast-forward three years: Noah’s given up art for the popular crowd of high school, Jude’s trying to stay afloat at the nearby art academy, and they barely acknowledge one another.   It’s the story in between the years – one of maternal loss, of artistic jealousy, of closeted fear – that both Jude and Noah have to stitch together.  Full of love, anger, and hope, Nelson has created a story whose characters are perfect – flawed, passionate, and honest – as they struggle to discover the lives they’re meant to lead.  Highly recommended.

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