2015 Global Reading Challenge is here!

globalpicGlobal Reading Challenge, or GRC, is a quiz bowl-type of event open to 4th and 5th grade students at my school and dozens (hundreds) of other schools across Western WA.

The outstanding librarians at KCLS run this program at elementary schools across King County, WA.  They provide copies of books to each team and host the GRC challenges at each participating school.

A few weeks ago, our student applications went out for the 5 teams of 6 students.  Names were then drawn from the 55+ applications, balanced teams were formed, and – FINALLY – the 6 books were announced!

What a great list!  From realistic fiction to fantasy to mystery to biography, there really is something for all readers!

What I’ll do in the next few weeks: reread the books, write questions from the books to quiz the teams, host weekly lunch/recess meetings, and work with teams to identify strengths/weaknesses.   Students will also read and write questions prior to attending meetings.

Our in-school challenge will be in early February 2015, then we’ll challenge our neighboring schools top teams.  Who will be the Grand Champion?  Only time – and preparation – will tell!

Online quiz-type questions:



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