Read Aloud Tuesday: Nov 4, 2014

Welcome!  This week, I shared new-in-2014 stories with my boy H’s Montessori classmates (ages 3-6).  After reading, different students eagerly requested that each book be left in the classroom to enjoy throughout the week. These stories were huge hits!

this-book-just-ate-my-dogThis Book Just Ate My Dog! by Richard Byrne

While walking her dog across the page, Bella notices something strange: the dog disappears halfway across the page.  It’s as if the middle of the book is a mouth and actually eats her dog!  Help does no good: they, too, disappear into the hungry book.  Finally, Bella’s left with no choice.  She goes in after them then sends a note to readers, instructing them how to help the missing characters.  Interactive, silly, and memorable, this unique book is a crowd-pleaser!  Share with ages 3-7.


The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo

One afternoon, a bored boy sets off on an imaginary adventure: pretending he’s a pirate, he captures his sister’s snuggle-bunny and sets it loose on the open seas.  Neither Mom nor Sister are happy, and the boy is brought back for supervision for the rest of the afternoon.  Unsupervised, though, is the crafty raccoon, who captures the snuggle-bunny and other toys in the yard.  Mom and Sister don’t believe it when the boy says it wasn’t him…and it takes until the morning to prove it.  With a nod to The Boy Who Cried Wolf, this creative, brilliantly illustrated story will find an audience with many readers.  Highly recommended.  Share with ages 3+.

circle-square-mooseCircle, Square, Moose by Kelly Bingham

Moose is back, this time invading a simple introduction to shapes.  Moose shows how a triangle can be made from a square sandwich; however, the narrator insists that this is not a story about animals.  Persistent Moose refuses to accept that declaration, invading almost every shape with his energetic, goofy presence.  Good pal Zebra appears, too, and provides Moose with the opportunity to share how Zebra is an important friend.  Every reader I’ve met loves Moose’s zest for life.  Highly recommended.  Share with ages 3+.

mix-it-up-coverMix It Up! by Hervé Tuller

Tuller, best known for Press Here, is back with a color-centric, interactive story.  The audience is fully immersed in creating colors as they dip and swirl fingers in yellow and blue to make green,smear blue and red to make purple, and smash yellow and red to make orange.  His clever layout includes fingerprint smears and smudges as if a little artist was, indeed, turning the pages with painted fingertips.  A winner.  Share with ages 3+.

herve-tullet-mix-it-up-book_zps90a6045fRead-Aloud Tuesday is when I read aloud in my son’s Montessori classroom (ages 3-6).  Young readers are demanding and honest: I strive to share the best of the best with them each week.

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