El Deafo


El Deafo by Cece Bell

7 word summary: Cece struggles with friendship, deafness, fitting in.

Graphic novel.  Memoir.  Share with ages 7+.  © 2014.

Cece’s early childhood was forever altered when a case of spinal meningitis left her deaf at age 4.  Using standard hearing aids at home and the Phonic Ear hooked up to a teacher’s mic at school, Cece realizes that she’s got different abilities that everyone else.  Her struggles with making friends, her distain for sign language, and her frustration with being different cause her to make up her own superhero, El Deafo, whose deafness is a gift.  It’s Cece’s challenge to learn to use her voice and accept who she is, inside and out.  A strong storyline with appealing art, this is one graphic novel that will fly off the shelves…literally.  Highly recommended.

My girl J took advantage when I sat this book down for a moment to make dinner: she made off with it, reading at least half before bedtime…when I went to snatch it back.  🙂

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