Dory Fantasmagory

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Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

7 word summary: Humorous little sister, active fantasy world.  Charming!

Realistic fiction.  First in a pair of novels.  Share with ages 5-8.  © 2014.

Meet Dory: little sister, imaginary friend-owner, and question-asker.  She desperately wants to play with her siblings, who look at the six-year-old Rascal (Dory’s nickname) as a baby.  It is Dory’s never-ending stream questions that drive them to create Mrs. Gobble-Gracker, the evil lady who captures babyish kids…not that Dory’s in danger.  She’s entirely too clever to be captured, with her imaginary friend, her fairy godmother, and her penchant for acting (her memorable dog performance is reminiscent of Judy Blume’s Fudge).  With black and white illustrations throughout, ample white space, and large font, this book has instant kid-appeal.  Dory is a fantastic entry-level chapter book with humor for boys, girls, and adults.  Highly recommended.

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