Review: Skink No Surrender

skink no surrender

Skink No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen

7 word summary: Runaway? Abduction? Richard will find out.

Realistic fiction, Mystery.  Stand-alone novel.  Share with ages 12+.  © 2014.

Malley’s run off…again.  But Richard knows his cousin’s tricks, knows her signals.  When Malley makes a check-in phone call, assuring Richard she’s safe, he picks up on cryptic clues – clues that lead him to believe that she’s being held against her will.  With the unlikely assistance of Skink, the eccentric ex-governor of Florida, the boys work to decipher environmentally-themed clues to locate and rescue Malley from an internet predator.  Funny, fresh, and fast-paced, this is a standout among realistic fiction that highlights the dangers of the internet along with the plight of environmental issues in Florida.  Skink is one character you’d want to call your friend.  Highly recommended.

AND: Skink No Surrender is on the longlist for the 2014 National Book Award!

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