Review: The Iron Trial


The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

7 word summary: Will Cal’s untapped magical powers cause chaos?

Fantasy.  First in the Magisterium series.  Share with ages 10-16. ©2014.

Most kids would want to attend a school to learn to harness magical powers.  Not Callum Hunt.  His dad’s expressly forbidden magic – and Cal agrees: it’s magic, after all, that killed his mom, magic that’s caused his leg to be mangled beyond medical repair.  But at the test for entry into the Magisterium, Cal fails to fail and is placed with the top students for his first year – The Iron Year – of training. Can Cal cause enough trouble to be kicked out of the Magisterium…and is that what he really wants? Fast-paced with an unimaginable twist of an ending, bestselling authors Black and Clare are at the top of their game in this seamlessly written fantasy.

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