Review: Lulu’s Mysterious Mission


Lulu’s Mysterious Mission by Judith Viorst

7 word review: Lulu’s met her match: the new babysitter.

Realistic fantasy.  Third in a series (reads well as a stand-alone).  Share with ages 5-10.

Lulu, that difficult, impossible, pain in the b-u-t-t- little girl is back.  Her parents are off on a trip and – horrors! – are leaving her behind with a babysitter.  Lulu is not at all pleased, and decides to be as naughty as possible to force her parents to come home early.  That’s until she meets Sonia Sofia Solinsky, the terrifying adult chosen to look after Lulu.  Each of Lulu’s disaster-filled plans are foiled by Ms. S’s, who reveals that she is a super-spy and will teach Lulu the tricks of the trade in return for complete obedience.  Spying is what Lulu wants to learn most…but can she quell her fit-throwing episodes?  Quirky illustrations, lush white space, and large font keep the pages turning in this gem from Viorst.  Recommended.


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