Babymouse: Diorama Star!

Last week, J-girl had a school project: create a diorama…about anything.  Sigh.  Because anyone who knows a 2nd grader knows that “anything” means too many options – which means no work gets done.  Ideas were suggested: restaurant, bookshop, kitchen, bedroom, spooky house.  None were eagerly received…until we hit on Babymouse.  babymouse-4

J-girl LOVES the Babymouse graphic novels.  Throw in some Rock Star – because Techie Rocker has a guitar (or two or six) around the house and music makes our world go ’round –  and her diorama idea was cemented.  One supply run, along with in the stash of scrapbook and craft supplies in our house, and she was off.  Final result: rock-star awesome!WP_20141020_001-edit

Seeing how proud J-girl was of her effort made this project totally worthwhile.  And while we still don’t know the purpose of the diorama(!!!), tying it to a book and character that she loves will certainly make her first shoe box project one to remember.

BIG thanks to Babymouse (and Jenni & Matt Holm) for writing great books and being an awesome project inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Babymouse: Diorama Star!

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