Lessons: Oct 13-17, 2014 – author study, WCCPBA and claim evidence reasoning, NW Coastal unit

Week 7.  



No white board, as I was out for 2 of the 3 lessons.  We continued our Arthur Howard study with Bubba and Beau, Best Friends.  This week’s thinking question again involved vocabulary: keen and distain.  Using text/visual clues, we work together to define the words, then answer the following question: What are you KEEN about?  What do you DISTAIN?  Any chance for the K’s to talk about themselves is always welcomed, and I love that it incorporates literacy skills!

2nd grade:  

Washington Children’s Choice Nominee!  Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillion.  Another thinking / claim-evidence reasoning question:  At the end of the story, do you agree with Seymour the hamster when he says, “Who’s the luckiest hamster in the world?  Answer: ME!”.  Back up your claim with evidence from the story.  

This was a GREAT question that got students thinking and talking and referencing the text.

4th grade:

Week 1 of a four-week unit with Cornell note-taking and Native Americans using Kids Discover magazines on Northwest Coast Peoples.

Using the doc camera, I activated interest in the magazine by showing the cover and having students read captions.  Flat-headed babies and fish candles got them talking and fired up to look through the magazine!  Working in pairs, students browsed a copy of the magazine looking for any information that was interesting and /or new.  (I have class set.)  As they browsed, I walked among the groups and took notes on which sections each pair was most interested in.  These sections will be highlighted – literally – in next week’s lesson as we delve into taking notes via the Cornell method.


Kids interested in flat-headed babies found Family Life very informative!


Spirits & Ceremonies was another high-interest section!

Why are we doing this mini-unit?  Our 4th grade Social Studies will soon focus on NW Coast Peoples, and our district uses Cornell notes in many of its courses.  Combine the two together, and a useful mini-unit is born.  Big thanks to my colleague Mrs. L for piloting and writing the mini-unit last year!

Here is more info on the Kids Discover magazine, including free page scans!


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