Review: The Family Romanov


The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming

7 word summary: Russia’s last royal family abdicated, then murdered.

Biography, nonfiction.  Share with ages 11+.

An absolutely fascinating look at the Romanov family, including Czar Nicholas, wife Alexandra, and their five children (including Anastasia).  This is the non-Disney-fied story of how the family held power in Russia for over 300 years, living in gilded opulence while hundreds of thousands of Russians barely survived in squalor.  The incapacities of Nicholas, the indulgence of Alexandra, the naivetés the princesses, the fearfulness over young Alexei, the influence of Rasputin and the love of a family all lead to the bloody, world-changing dénouement.  A captivating, absorbing read for everyone, not just history buffs and biography fans.  Fleming knows how to make history not just palatable, but downright enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

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