Library Lessons: Oct 6-10, 2014 – WCCPBA, Research, and Thinking Questions

Week 6

Spirit Week, Walkathon, and a Professional Development Friday.  Throw in a full moon.  That sums up the chaos of the week!

Kindergarten:  Continuing the Arthur Howard author study.  Vocab: hubbub.  This lesson had a thinking question – what I call a higher-level question that has no “right” answer – which was a great addition to the lesson.  Note: lessons were on pajama day, after walkathon, before a 3 day weekend.  Wowzers!

2nd grade: WCCPBA nominee: Lion vs. Rabbit by Alex Latimer.  I loved the thinking question, loved the discussion and evidence used from text, and especially loved how it prompted one student to state, “I think the rabbit is also a bully.”  What followed was a great discussion among the students and excellent use of text evidence to support opinions.

4th grade:  At our school, Spirit Week always includes Crazy Hair Day.  What better way to celebrate in the library than by finding Crazy Hair Facts in the Guinness Book of World Records!  If I have to teach a class right before the all-school Walkathon (always on Crazy Hair Day), then I prefer to teach this lesson that I created years ago.  Indexes, hanging indexes, paraphrasing, and citation are all covered in a fun, user-friendly manner.  Bonus: students get to use the GBoWR as a research tool!

Students researching, paraphrasing, and citing a source used to learn new information!  Notice the CRAZY HAIR!  Best part: almost all students were successful AND had time to check out during the 40 minute library time.

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