Library Lessons: Sep 29-Oct 3, 2014

Week 5


New author study with Arthur Howard.  Working in the E/everybody “neighborhood” and finding author last names on “street” shelves.  Week 2 of Rhyme Time!

2nd grade:

Final week of Mac Barnett love!  Two different lessons (as some kids didn’t see his presentation).  Flipgrid videos are up and password secure!


4th grade:

TRAILS survey, a 15 question assessment, which all 4th graders in my district do in the first part of the year.  Good news: a vast majority know how to take notes and paraphrase.  Bad news: about half cannot find a book on the shelf given the author’s name.  Yet another reason to go Dewey-free?

AND…new displays!  To aid students in finding the books they want most: the Sasquatch nominees and Halloween/scary books.  I love using a READBOX all year long for seasonal books.  The window to the main hall is an added display bonus, too!


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