Read-Aloud Tuesday: Sep 30, 2014

Welcome to Read-Aloud Tuesday!  It’s my third year of reading aloud in my son’s Montessori classroom (ages 3-6), and the second year of blogging about the books I choose to read aloud.

Rather than a theme, this week’s titles had a connecting thread: LITTLE.  In each story, this word and idea was important.


Little Green Peas by Keith Baker

NEW IN 2014!

The peas are back in this colorful, rhyming concept book.  Baker’s simple rhymes introduce each color, and the little green peas act out relative to each.  Red features leaves falling from trees, while green features a garden.  Interestingly, Baker includes silver among the featured colors but not gold.  No matter, this book is still a winner.  Share with ages 3-6.


Little Elliot Big City by Mike Curato

NEW IN 2014!

Elliot the elephant is, well, different.  But not because he walks on two feet or because he is covered in pink and blue polka dots, but because he is little.  And being little is a challenge.  He’s often overlooked and struggles with his size.  It’s not until he sees a small mouse struggling that he discovers something more important than size: friendship.  Beautiful art makes this story – the first in a planned trio – outstanding.  Share with ages 2-6.


Doctor DeSoto by William Steig

Doctor DeSoto, the dentist, is a mouse that treats the ailments of animals big and small – just not known predators.  When a well-dressed fox with a woeful toothache enters his office, the doctor and his wife choose to help him with reservation.  A fox, after all, thinks that the little mice would make a delicious snack.  What will become of the DeSotos?  With clever problem-solving and cunning creativity, Steig has masterfully penned a tale of outfoxing a fox.   A must-read classic.  Share with ages 4+.

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