Library lessons: Sep 15-19, 2014

Week 3


A goal in teaching K is to give students opportunities to think divergently.  Hence, today’s question.  After we read The Deep Blue Sea, I explained that our next story would also take place in water.  “Where else,” I asked, “could the story take place?”  I wasn’t interested in the right answer; I was interested in how many places they could list.  Some great ideas: pond, puddle, pool, hot tub, lake, glass of water, and – yes – bathtub.

Second grade:

A challenge: 3 of the 4 2nd grade classes chose to attend the Mac Barnett author visit.  I wanted for all classes to have an opportunity to respond to Mac via video, hence the alternate lesson.  Students are working on formulating statements and questions, then will work on speaking and listening when they present their ideas on video using Flipgrid.

And: check here if you’re curious about the TAG strategy.  It’s one of my favorite strategies to use when reflecting on a piece of literature, as it forces students to use the text to substantiate their thoughts!

Fourth grade:

An extension of last week’s Destiny review.  White board 1 was the general focus for the day; white board 2 gave the exact expectations of what skills students were being assessed on using Destiny.  More skills could be shown; however, logging in, writing a review, and making a friend were what I expected students to demonstrate.

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