Leroy Ninker Saddles Up by Kate DiCamillo

leroy-ninker-saddles-upLeroy Ninker Saddles Up by Kate DiCamillo

7 word summary: Leroy’s new horse follows her own rules.

Fantasy.  Series (Tales from Deckawoo Drive).  Spin-off of the Mercy Watson series.  Reads well as a stand-alone novel.  Share with ages 4-9.

Deckawoo Drive is back in the spotlight and this time, Leroy Ninker takes center stage in a fully illustrated novel.  When his dream of owning a horse finally comes true, Leroy must remember three rules to take good care of the beautiful Maybelline.  But Leroy is an excited, if forgetful, cowboy, and the consequences of his actions will have readers laughing at his and Mabelline’s antics.    Van Dusen’s art shines in this charming beginner chapter book that’s one step up (reading level-wise) from DiCamillo’s award-winning Mercy Watson series.  Highly recommended.

Side note: ALA 2014 came through with a galley of this book.  I read it on the plane ride home back in June, and again to J&H when I got home, and again when it officially published by request of J-girl, and AGAIN just last weekend by request of my boy H.  This is a family favorite!


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