Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff


Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

7 word summary:  Albie studies hard, but school struggles remain.

Realistic fiction.  Stand-alone novel.  Share with ages 8-13.

Albie is absolutely normal.  He goes to school, he does homework, he studies…but for him, it’s just not enough.  Albie is also almost – almost caught up with the class, almost ready to move ahead, almost old enough to not have a babysitter.  His new after-school nanny, though, believes in the strength of Albie and his overwhelmingly open look at life.  She studies with him, motivating him to keep trying amidst his parents’ frustration with his grades and his new classmates bullying of his friendship with the class outcast. Albie’s – and Graff’s – greatest strength is the honest portrayal of an average-at-best student trying to keep up in an honors-at-minimum school and world.  Highly recommended.

Thanks to Mr. T for the book recommendation!

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