Read-Aloud Tuesday: Sep 16, 2014

Welcome back to Read-Aloud Tuesday!  It’s my third year of reading aloud in my son’s Montessori classroom (ages 3-6), and the second year of blogging what I chose to read aloud.

As this was our first Tuesday together, I chose books that were shorter in length and had interactive elements.  Here are this week’s titles:


Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett

The premise is simple: open the book and count the monkeys.  Easy enough, but the one king cobra has scared them off.  How to get rid of a cobra?  Two mongooses (mongeese?), of course!  This clever, interactive counting book will keep even the squirmiest children highly engaged and wondering just where the monkeys are.  Bold, colorful illustrations are a bonus.  Share with ages 3+.


Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman

When the young panda Chu sneezes, bad things happen.  Neither dusty books nor spicy pepper sets his sneezes off, though, so his mom and dad relax.  And as readers – and parents – know, bad things happen when you least expect it.  Super short, this glimpse at a young panda’s day is brilliant for a quick read with the youngest listeners.  Abundant white space and bold illustrations will appeal to many.  Share with ages 2-5.


Piggies by Audrey Wood

Wood’s classic book introduces the Piggies, the fingers (and thumb) on the end of your hands.  The Piggies – fat, wee, tall and smart – become hot and cold, clean and dirty, offering opportunities for littles to showcase their own piggies’ movements.  Don Wood’s lush illustrations are both luminous as well as detailed, and students will want to pour over the unique, fun-loving piggies.  A winner, hands-down, for the preschool/K crowd.  Share with ages 2-6.


Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

A rainbow of sheep are seen in many situations and locations…except for the missing green sheep.  Readers are shown four types of sheep, many cleverly paired as opposites – “here is the near sheep / here is the far sheep” – but always end with the question “Where is the green sheep?”  This gentle mystery for the youngest readers can also be used for prediction: just where is the green sheep?  Observant readers will notice the helpful title page illustration, and the question on the back cover (Where would you hide if you were the green sheep?) continues the conversation.  Not to be missed: the clever wraparound cover, showcasing the rainbow of sheep minus the green sheep.  Share with ages 1-5.

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