Back to School 2014!

I’ve spent more hours in meetings during the last two weeks than I care to imagine.  STEM, claim evidence reasoning, mood meters, Brightspace, ebooks, WCCPBA and more have been topics for discussion.

Do lessons get planned during these meetings?  Do eye-catching displays get made and hung?  Is prep work done?  No.  No.  No. Some good ideas, yes.  But nothing happens that reduces my panic for the first days of school.

So I went into my library today to work on some things.   Techie Rocker, bless him, stayed home with J&H.  This is where I left it:


Eye-catching displays are up.  Tables and chairs ready.  New books on carts, ready for readers.  Emails out to teachers and PTA about an upcoming author visit.  That’s about it. Ready for Day 1.

Yes, I’ll eventually print the student barcodes and make library check-out passes.  I’ll recatalog the books found over summer break, my Costco purchases and ALA goodies.  I’ll welcome a new library co-teacher, yet to be hired.  Heck, I’ll even map out the first couple of months of lessons on my famous-to-me planning calendar.  But for now, I’ll enjoy this long Labor Day weekend with my family.  Maybe I’ll even read a new book.  But I won’t stress.  Because, as Pete the Cat smartly knows, it’s all good.

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