The Fourteenth Goldfish


The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

7 word summary:  Ellie’s grandfather reverses aging, becomes surly teen.

Stand alone novel. ©2014.  190 p.  Share with ages 8-12.


Grandfathers are moody to begin with, but Melvin’s a special case: he’s recently discovered the fountain of youth, which changed the renowned scientist into a teen.  Requiring a guardian, he moves in with his daughter Melissa and granddaughter Ellie, where he is forced to attend school – again.  All Melvin really wants is to get back to his lab and continue with his revolutionary research, but how does a teen prove that he’s really an old, brilliant scientist?  And how does his arrival impact narrator Ellie’s life?  Realistic and fantastical, this quirky adventure offers a glimpse into family and middle school dynamics.  Holm steps outside of her (award-winning) historical fiction zone to deliver an offbeat yet winning fantasy, science-based novel.

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