Review: Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny


Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman

7 word summary:  Zen bunny practices martial arts.  How smart! 

Animal story, fantasy.  Stand alone novel.  ©2014.  128 p.  B/W illustrations. Share with ages 5-9.


Isabel practices bunjitsu, a bunnies-only form of martial arts.  Similar to other practices, bunjitsu emphasizes the use of strength of the mind over strength of the body, and this sensibility is demonstrated within Isabel’s short, stand-alone stories.  Whether she is preparing for a bunjitsu competition or trying to get past a locked door, the bunny’s stories emphasize creative thinking and hard work.  Part ninja, part Zen, this delightful beginner chapter book begs for a sequel.  With black/white line illustrations on every page, large font and plenty of white space, this works beautifully for newly independent readers.  Recommended.

Side note: J-girl, my almost 2nd grader, wasn’t thrilled about reading this book with me.  Six pages in, the smile on her face was huge as she exclaimed, “I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I love this book!”  My boy H thought it would just be about karate, but in his own words, “it’s about thinking and making friends and not bashing the door with your feet or head or hands”.

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