Using Facebook for professional development

Facebook and professional development don’t seem like they should go together.  But when associations, authors, illustrators, publishers, and journals are part of your FB feed, they can.


Why use Facebook for PD?  Simply put, it’s easy.  Chances are good you check it multiple times a day.  Seeing a great review from Horn Book, a timely article on CCSS from SLJ, or a post from a favorite author (Peter Brown writes some great ones) can impact your library and professionalism with minimal time and effort.  While I have a subscription to Horn Book, seeing a well-written Review of the Week  – and reading the comments – can sway me to purchase and create lessons with the book.  SLJ has wonderful articles and links catered to the school librarian.  Authors and illustrators will share info about new releases, older titles, and fun facts about themselves.  Associations give tips on upcoming conferences and opinions/ideas on hot issues.  And publishers share new books, advertise authors/illustrators, highlight award-winning material, and offer giveaways.  And I do love winning a giveaway!



My favorites to follow on FB for professional development:

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