Poached by Stuart Gibbs

7 word summary:  Pranks – not stealing – are what Teddy’s about.

Mystery. Second in a series. (Reads well as a stand-alone). ©2014.  336p.  Share with ages 8-12.

At FunJungle, the local zoo amusement park, Teddy’s known for pulling epic pranks (like dropping a fake arm in the shark tank).  He’s got unprecedented access, as his parents work there and they live on-site.  But when FunJungle’s new star Kazoo the Koala goes missing and Teddy’s seen on video exiting the koala habitat after-hours, he pleads his innocence to no avail.  It seems like everyone, including the billionaire owner and the head of security, thinks Teddy’s guilty.  It’s up to him to gather the facts and solve the case while keeping out of juvenile detention.  Full of animal facts and mostly-harmless hijinks, this non-creepy mystery will find a large audience.

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