Road Trip 2014: the audiobooks

Our family went on an epic road trip this summer.  Seven states were visited (Wash, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Ariz, and Cali), and dozens of hours were spent in the car.  Yes. Dozens of hours.  In a car.


My littles – J-girl and my boy H – don’t have devices.  They watched a movie during a particularly nasty traffic jam on my iPad, but spent the rest of the time in relative peace.  How?  Backpacks full of books and their precious “stuff”.  Lots of snacks.  Non-electronic games.  And audiobooks.  (I must also mention the carefully curated music collection by my husband CS, the family musician.)

But back to audiobooks.  Just before we left, I picked up a couple of books on CD from the public library: Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing by Judy Blume and Matilda by Roald Dahl.  I’ve read both, love both, and figured they’d work well for my kids and my husband, the loyal driver.

They were, without question, a SMASHING success.   While the children were listening in rapt attention to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, CS and I snickered silently at the entirely too-accurate antics of three-year-old Fudge and his older brother’s reactions.  J&H now quote Fudgie on an almost daily basis and are requesting the rest of the Fudge novels ASAP.  Matilda also proved a winner, as Matilda’s horrible parents, her kind teacher, and the memorable headmistriss the Trunchbull were fodder for some great conversations.  This was the book CS requested to listen to as he drove the winding Highway 101 up the Cali coast – not the music he’d so thoughtfully organized.  Road Trip win!


2 thoughts on “Road Trip 2014: the audiobooks

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