Book a Trip: summer 2014 edition!

It’s August – wow!  The middle of summer – at least for those in the Pacific NW.  I’ve not been ignoring the blog; rather, I’ve been traveling, traveling, TRAVELING!  Vegas for ALA in June, down South for the Fourth of July, and a long family trip that just ended a couple of days ago.

Similar to the last big vacation I took with my family, I decided to document each day of the last trip, the big one, with a different book.  Something from each book – the title, the plot, the characters – reminds me of events from the day.

These are the thirteen books that give a glimpse of what we were up to over the last two weeks.  In that time, 7 states were visited and 7 stops were made.  Care to guess where we went and what we did?  Comment below!


One thought on “Book a Trip: summer 2014 edition!

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