Get Happy

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Get Happy by Mary Amato

7 word summary:  Ukulele?  Relationship with dad?  Min can dream…

YA. Realistic fiction. Stand-alone novel. ©2014. Share with ages 12-16.

Living at home with an organizational-focused mom, Minerva wants nothing more than to dress in thrift-shop finds and own a uke (that’s ukulele). To earn money, she signs on with the Get Happy party business with her BFF Fin. Min’s sure it’d be easier if she had a dad around, but her mom shuts down all conversation about him and dismisses him as having never cared for Min.  Meeting new friends Cassie and Hayes at work and discovering long-buried relics of her past, Min works through the teen angst years with raw honesty and emotion. Amato’s written a brilliant portrayal of a teen girl just trying to find her way in the world when parts are purposely hidden “for her own good”.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of ALA 2014.

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