Tuesdays at the Castle


Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

7 word summary: Planning to overtake this magical castle? Unfortunate.

Fantasy, adventure. First in series. Reads well as a stand-alone.  ©2011.  Share with ages 8-12.

When the King and Queen go missing and are pronounced dead, Princess Cecilia can’t believe it. Their home, Castle Glover, hasn’t changed…and Castle Glover is always changing. Expanding and shrinking, it has a personality of its own. It also likes Celie best. When a coup of the throne is planned, Celie and her siblings come together to fight for justice as well as the truth of the whereabouts of the King and Queen. Fast-paced and kid-friendly (read: very little violence), this page-turner will keep even the most reluctant readers entertained.

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