Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade


Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade by Stephanie Greene

7 word review: New classmates? Monsters in school? Posey’s worried…

Realistic fiction. Series (Princess Posey #1). Reads well as a stand-alone. Share with ages 5-8.

Almost a first grader, Posey is preparing for the first day of school. As nervous as she is, though, one thing always makes her feel brave and strong: her pink tutu. When Mom tells her that she can’t wear it to school – it’s dress up clothing, after all – Posey is more worried than ever. But when she meets her empathetic first grade teacher and expresses her fear, a brilliantly creative solution to Posey’s problem is created. Appealing type and white space, a scattering of b/w illustrations, a solid plot and a personable main character make this an outstanding addition to the beginner reader genre. Highly recommended.

Side note: my girl J – a rising 2nd grader – was enchanted with Posey!

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