Treasure in Trident City (Mermaid Tales #8)


Treasure in Trident City by Debbie Dadey

7 word review: Merkids hunt for treasure. Beware of ghosts!

Fantasy. Series (Mermaid Tales, #8). Share with ages 5-8.

Underwater, mermaid Pearl has heard rumor of a sunken treasure. She’d love to find its jewels…and the fame that goes with it. When her two friends Rocky and Wanda abandon her as she explores a ship supposedly haunted by ghosts, how will Pearl find her way back home? And what IS that ghostly sound coming from within the ship. A quick, light read, with appealing font, white space, and black/white illustrations.  This is perfect for fans of fairies and princesses, sparkle and glitter!

Side note: my girl J – a rising 2nd grader – LOVES this series!

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