Swim meet book sale!

Last night, at J-girl’s summer swim meet, I saw something that made my nerdy librarian heart soar:WP_20140624_001

 Yes. That is a book sale. At a swim meet.

The host team came up with this brilliant idea. You might think that that the two don’t mix – swim meets are notoriously wet, while books should stay dry. But swim meets, for anyone who’s had the pleasure, are also notoriously long. There are only so many games of Uno that a kid (or adult) can play before a new-to-you book looks really enticing.


No time to browse – J-girl swims event 19, heat 3!

I watched the swim meet book sale with fascination. Kids and adults alike browsed the boxes of books all evening. Talking with other parents, I discovered how the sale works: families donate old book and all items are either $1 or 2 for $1. Even better, the sale is insanely successful – last week, they sold over 300 books during a meet. 300 books in the hands of readers in one week! WOW!WP_20140624_005

I’ve attended hundreds of swim meets over the years (10+ years of competitive swimming), yet have never seen anything quite like this. So kudos, TigerSharks, on a phenomenal idea. This swim mom librarian thinks it’s awesome that you support reading and literacy while on the swim deck!

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