An informal year-end reflection

Today is the last day of school for the 2013-2014 year – phew! Looking back, there are plenty of stats and circ data that show what happened in the library this year, but that’s for another day. Today is about something that no numbers, no statistics will ever show.

Let’s start with my annual goal:

  • To teach with passion and enthusiasm so that students are engaged and educated while feeling valued and welcomed in the library

Now this isn’t the formal goal I give my principal (principals LOVE stats and data, after all), but it’s the one that I hold myself accountable to every year. The question is, how do I evaluate if I reached it?

Here’s how:


These cards were all delivered over the last two days of school (out last day of school was a Monday – yes, a Monday). Words can’t express how much these cards mean to me…but I’ll try. I have a file of important papers, in which I keep each and every lovely note that I’ve ever received. It’s what I pull out on the tough days, and these cards are worthy additions.

In the same vein, because of the lovely words inscribed, is a book I received from a treasured student and his mom:

WP_20140623_009 (1)

Wow.  Just wow.

With only 2 hours in the last day – crazy, but true – our school had a year-end assembly, where all students and staff, clubs and activities were highlighted during the viewing of the 20 minute video yearbook. Fun music, photos and videos are staples of this creation from our insanely talented tech teacher. I was happily bopping along to One Direction, watching the brilliant video, when my photo appeared. What happened?  Lots of cheering, lots of clapping. It was very, very unexpected. Never have I felt so loved, so valued, so treasured as a teacher. I’ll admit, I was dangerously close to happy tears.

So there you have it. No numbers in this year-end reflection, but I don’t think they’re needed. The actions and words of students speak louder than any data, any report I could create. Are they valued and welcomed? I think so. Am I passionate and teaching with enthusiasm? Yes and yes. Goal achieved.

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