Review: The Puzzler’s Mansion


The Puzzler’s Mansion by Eric Berlin

7 word summary:  Solve puzzles, win prizes.  Until they’re stolen.

Mystery.  Part of a series (book 3).  Reads as a stand-alone.  Share with ages 8-12.

Winston has been invited on an amazing weekend trip to a mansion, where he and his two friends will be solving puzzles and riddles.  He’s having a great time, meeting new people and solving challenging puzzles, when mystery strikes: someone is stealing the prizes given to the puzzle-solvers!  It takes Winston, his buddies, and some new friends working together to solve the ultimate mystery and reclaim the missing prizes.   A little bit The Westing Game, a little bit Clue, this mystery novel is designed for readers and thinkers.  Challenge yourself to solve the puzzles along with Winston, or read through the story: either way, it’s enjoyable.

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