Read-Aloud Tuesday: May 27, 2014

Each Tuesday, I read stories in my boy H’s Montessori classroom.  In classic librarian form, I research and choose books I think they’ll like (and that I like, too!).  Here are this week’s titles:


Little Red Riding Hood retold by Bernette Ford

Little Red, wearing her signature hooded cloak, is walking to grandmother’s with a basket of goodies.  When she gets there, however, grandmother looks…well…different.  Large eyes, large ears, and large teeth?  Who could it be?  Bright, bold graphics bring this classic tale to life in a retelling suited for the pre-k crowd.  Share with ages 3-7.


Strega Nona: an original tale by Tomie DePaola

Strega Nona’s an old witch who can cure warts and make love potions, but her greatest bit of magic is in her pasta pot: it can cook pasta all by itself and never runs out!  All it needs is the special song and – this is important – three kisses.  Big Anthony, who is hired to help Strega Nona, gets a hold of the magic pot one day, sings the special song, and cooks up a feast of pasta.  But no kisses mean a big mess.  Poor Big Anthony!  This original folktale is a delight to read aloud.  Share with ages 4-10.


Press Here by Hervé Tullet

With a simple word – Ready? – this direction-filled book begins.  “Press Here”, the reader is told, referring to the one bright yellow dot on the page, “then turn the page”.  As the pages turn, dots appear, change directions, “flash”, slide, and increase in size.  Following directions was never so much fun!  An absolute delight for all ages.

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