Stories Connect Us: Jenny Hubbard

So a few weeks ago, I read and reviewed Jenny Hubbard’s new novel And We Stay.  Later, I wrote about an exchange with my husband, who swears that Jennifer Hubbard was his English teacher freshman year of college.  Read the post if you like.

Right before I hit the publish button, I had the idea to email Jenny.  Not only did I want to give her a heads-up that I was publishing something with her name all over it, but I wanted to let her know that she was remembered as a teacher.  As a fellow educator, not much is better knowing you had an impact on a student.  Bonus points for being remembered after two decades.

So I emailed her.  I tweaked the original blog post, made it into a letter, and hoped for the best (translation: Let this be the person we think it is.  And please, no major grammar mistakes!).

Within a day, I got this in my inbox:


As Flora would say, Holy Bagumba!  My husband was right!  Jenny Hubbard was his teacher, and she remembers him from 20 years ago (he is memorable, in the best of ways).   And she thinks I can write!  Coming from an esteemed YA author, this is the highest of praise.

Takeaways from this experience:

  1. Reading the About the Author page in books may spark something amazing.
  2. Telling former teachers that you remember them and that they had an impact on your life is time well spent.
  3. Writing to authors and sharing the Stories Connect Us moment can have unexpectedly awesome results.

Read this to learn more about why I’m writing about Stories Connect Us.   And next time: Mac Barnett and Extra Yarn.

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