Read-Aloud Tuesday: May 13, 2014

Each Tuesday, I read stories in my boy H’s Montessori classroom.  In classic librarian form, I research and choose books I think they’ll like (and that I like, too!).  Here are this week’s titles:

farmer-duck-martin-waddellFarmer Duck by Martin Waddell

Every day, Duck works hard on the farm. The farmer, lazy and fat, calls out to Duck: “How goes the work?” “Quack,” replies Duck every time. Overworked and exhausted, the animals on the farm unite to relieve Duck and get even with the Farmer. A simple story with great repetition, the justice-themed ending is a crowd-pleaser for the preschool crowd. Share with ages 2-6.

galdone-billy-goats-fullThe Three Billy Goats Gruff retold by Paul Galdone

Three billy goats, all named Gruff, are hungry. Standing between them and a field of sweet, sweet grass is a bridge…and under the bridge, a troll, who isn’t going to let them cross. As the billy goats trip-trap across the bridge, they plead to the troll to wait for the next, larger, billy goat. When the biggest billy goat appears, he head-butts the troll into the river and he and his siblings sate their hunger. The classic folktale by a classic reteller. Share with ages 3-10.

if-i-built-a-carIf I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

While driving with Dad, a young boy begins to describe his dream car. From exterior (rubber bumpers = no dents) to interior (a pool and snack room), the rhyming text jauntily details the perfect kid-friendly car. Van Dusen’s bold, colorful illustrations are a great match with his outrageous story. A home run with the preschool crowd (and older kids, too). Share with ages 3-10.

going-places-peter-paul-reynoldsGoing Places by Paul & Peter H. Reynolds

It’s time for the annual Going Places go-kart ride, and Rafael is ready! He gets his kit and follows the directions to put it together. He goes to see his neighbor Maya, and he’s surprised to see that she’s not following the instructions! When questioned, Maya asks Raphael: where do the directions say that we HAVE to put it together the same way as everyone else? Teamwork, creative thinking, and engineering shine in this picture book, and Reynolds’s charming watercolor illustrations on bright white backgrounds are stellar, as usual. A great STEM tie-in. Share with ages 3-10.

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