Review: The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail


The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail by Richard Peck

7 word summary: Nameless MM runs away before royal festivities.

Animal fantasy. Stand-alone novel. 221 pages. Share with ages 6-10.

“Every time a human walks out of a room, something with more feet walks in.” Namely, mice. Mouse Minor – he without name but with a unique tail – is without a family, living in the Mews (stables) near Buckingham Palace. Life is as good as can be until he breaks mouse rules 1&2, then he must learn to survive on his own – right before the grand Diamond Jubilee celebration at the Palace. On his solo adventure, which lasts a couple of days, many animals aid Mouse Minor and help him discover his true identity. The royal backdrop – both British and Mouse-ish – is engaging and unexpected in this fast-paced story. With plenty of white space, reader-friendly font size and illustrations scattered throughout, this tale (tail?) is perfect for precocious readers who need age-appropriate material.


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