Review: Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble


Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble by Megan McDonald

7 word summary: Jessica’s birthday wish: a real, live pig!

Realistic fiction. First in a series (Judy Moody and Friends). 60 pages. Share with ages 5-7.

Judy Moody’s back, but this time as a secondary character in this new beginner chapter book. Jessica Finch’s birthday is near, and she wants nothing more than a real piglet. She enlists Judy to help her snoop for the pig-present, then un-invites Judy when friendship drama strikes. What’s a birthday girl to do when her piggy dreams look to become a nightmare? Bold, colorful illustrations on all pages anchor this short, sweet chapter book. Friendship drama – always an issue with young girls – could begin a great conversation with children. Future series titles featuring both boy and girl characters in Judy’s other novels ensure this series is for many to enjoy.

Side note: my daughter J-girl (6) saw this in my school bag on a Friday afternoon, opened it up, and proclaimed that this was just-right for her.  Not 20 minutes later, she’d finished it.  My boy H (5) picked it up a few days later and requested it as a read-aloud.  Kid-approval!judy-moody-and-friends


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