Yippie-i-oh! Mercy Watson returns!

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this AM, I come across this image from Candlewick:


Can it be?  A spin-off of the beloved Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo?  According to the interview with Kate DiCamillo and illustrator Chris Van Dusen at 100 Scopes, the answer is YES!

Tales from Deckawoo Drive will feature six slightly-longer novels highlighting characters first introduced in the Mercy Watson series.  First up: Leroy Ninker, the cowboy / reformed robber.  With an expected six books in the series, this will be a must-own – both at home and at school.  I couldn’t contain my excitement this morning, waking up my boy H and J-girl with the news (Mercy is a favorite of ours).  Their one question: will Eugenia have her own story?  Only time will tell…

Looking for a great read-aloud / independent read for 3-8 year olds?   Join the legions of kids (and adults) who love Mercy Watson!


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