Stories Connect Us: And We Stay


Taking inspiration from Kate, I want to share a recent moment, connection, fostered by Jenny Hubbard’s YA novel And We Stay.

You know the game Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon? Where it takes six or less person-to-person connections to get to the famous actor? Well, I discovered I’m just One Degree from YA author Jenny Hubbard. Here’s how:

Last Saturday’s unrelenting rain made it the perfect day for reading. I picked up And We Stay out of my library basket, immediately flipping to the author’s note in the back (it’s a habit: I like to do this when I don’t know much about the author). This is what I saw:


What the what?! Jenny Hubbard is from Salisbury, NC?! That’s the same super-small town where I earned my BA and met my husband; the same town that few outside of central NC knows exists. Wow! I turn to Techie Rocker, who is sitting nearby, and share this It’s a Small World connection with him. When he hears the author’s name, he says, “Like Jennifer Hubbard? With short, blonde hair?”. Um, yes? As I’m wondering how on earth he knows this, he continues. “I think she taught me freshman English.” Wait…what? This coming from the man whose memory is foggy at best, the man who now recalls this minute college detail as though it happened just last year, not almost 20 years ago?! Sure enough, some web searching later and he determines that he’s right: she did teach at our college.  Unbelievable but true.

So it’s my husband – the man who doesn’t pick up a YA novel unless it’s fantasy/sci-fi – that turns out to be the One Degree. I know Techie Rocker, and Techie Rocker was taught by Jenny Hubbard. Crazy. Be assured that I’m properly boggled and amazed.

Stories Connect Us, indeed.

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