Duke by Kirby Larson

7 word review: Hobie loans his dog during WWII.

Historical Fiction. Stand-alone novel. Share with ages 8-12.

With an eye-catching cover, Larson’s novel begs to be picked up…and it doesn’t disappoint. As WWII rages on, all families are doing their part to help: enlisting in the military, going without supplies, and donating items. Hobie’s dad is flying jets in Europe and his mom is rationing food, but he still wonders what can an 11-year-old boy do to have an impact. The answer soon comes: donate his dog, Duke, to the military. Dogs are vital, and Hobie knows his well-trained German Shepard would be valuable. Soon after, though, regret sets in. What was he thinking – Duke is his best friend! Cleverly tying together historical fiction and dogs (two topics that should go together more often), this is one story that deserved its happy ending.

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