Better Nate Than Ever!


Better Nate Than Ever! by Tim Federle

7 word review: Nate sneaks away for a Broadway audition!

Realistic fiction. Reads as a stand-alone novel (currently first in a series of two). Share with ages 10-14.

Small-town Pennsylvania is tough on Nate. He loves show tunes, idolizes Broadway, and dreams of Becoming a Star. Expectedly, life as an eighth-grader is tough for Nate – he draws bullies like moths to a flame, his parents constantly compare him to his star-athlete brother, and his one friend, Libby, is his lifeline. When he sneaks off to NYC to audition for a Broadway show, it’s Libby who helps plan and pull off the event, which veers off-course. Nate is a budding star, and this novel is an unexpected standout. It gently incorporates LGTB and sexuality challenges without veering from the major plotline of sneaking out to NYC to be a Broadway Star. Received a 2014 Stonewall Honor from the American Library Association.

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