The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing


The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Shelia Turnage

7 word review: Small town ghost means big-time mystery.

Ghost story, adventure, mystery.    Second in series (reads well as stand-alone).  Share with ages 9-12.

Mo LoBeau and Dale Earnhardt Johnson III, the Desperado Detectives, are back, and this time they’ve got a ghost mystery to solve.  The run-down and abandoned Tupelo Inn has just been bought by Miss Lana, Mo’s guardian, and it’s 100%, for-real haunted.  Having to do a history project in school about a local resident, Mo and Dale decide to do what any detectives worth their salt would do: interview the ghost!  Add a side story about an unexpected visitor to town, and this adventure keeps a solid pace.  Turnage’s depiction of the small-town in NC is spot-on, as is the vernacular and quirks of small-town residents.  I enjoyed how Mo and Dale often help out at Miss Lana’s diner and spend time with seemingly everyone in town, showing that life as a 6th grader can be more than having the latest iDevice or video game.  Life is for living and sharing with those who love you most.

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