Getting – and sharing – new books from Follett!

Getting an order of books delivered from Follett is like Christmas, but better: I’ve chosen every item in the box, and I have specific students & teachers in mind for most of them.  So when I got two boxes delivered Thursday morning, I was pumped.  New books!  Yay!!


A quick unpacking, and I got to see exactly what I’d ordered.  Even though I choose every book, I often forget exactly what I ‘ve ordered…

In the past, I’ve sent out an email to inform teachers of the new books available.  This time, though, I decided to try something different: I hosted a simple event.  Titled “Bring Breakfast, Browse Books” (also known as a B⁴ School activity), I invited staff to swing by the library with their coffee, tea, and breakfast to browse our new titles on the way to their classrooms (the library is in the front of my school – everyone passes it each morning).  Books were set out on tables and counters, organized by theme: Picture Books for Everyone, High Interest Non-Fiction, Award Winners, Fabulous Fiction, and Books for Young Readers.  My goal was to make it as bookstore-like as possible with all covers on display.


With only a day’s notice and in the midst of report card season, I was pleased with the turnout.  Chatting with colleagues about books and helping them make choices (and connections) was a great way to spend the morning.  A favorite moment was how a 5th grade teacher chose David Wiesner’s Mr. Wuffles! for one of her students who is particularly gifted in visual storytelling.  This teacher is so well-read, and she knows that Wiesner’s book will further motivate and challenge her student in his creations.bring-breakfast-browse-books

All told, the event took 30 minutes to set up (including the email) and lasted for 30 minutes.  It was well worth the time, and it’s something worth repeating.

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