Library Lessons: Mar 10 – 14, 2014

Kindergarten: No library this week due to district meetings.  Fact: I’d rather teach than go to the majority of the district meetings I have to attend.

2nd grade:  Goals:  listen to WCCPBA title, answer critical thinking question, review how to access Flipgrid, learn account password,  access Flipgrid on desktops/laptops.

With voting for our state picture book award less than 3 weeks away, I squeezed in Kel Gilligan’s Daredevil Stunt Show by Michael Buckley.  Note: if your students can’t handle the bare bottom illustrations in No, David!, then be wary of reading this aloud.  My students handled themselves appropriately, though they were prepped for the silly before reading.

I read *fast* this week (Flipgrid was calling!), but wanted to give students the chance to answer the question “How old is Kel?  How do you know?”  We had great discussion, and most students inferred that he must be between the ages of 3-4.  They used lots of schema when answering this question.

After reading, I reviewed how to access our Flipgrid.  I had password-protected the account as soon as student videos were live, so I modeled how to enter the secure password.  (30 sec side talk: secure passwords).  Students were then able to spend 5-7 minutes watching the Flipgrid response videos from the Candace Fleming visit.  I have plans to use this technology over Spring Break to interactively connect with my readers.  Stay tuned!

3rd grade:  Goals: motivate readers with student-selected booktalks, review how to access Flipgrid, learn account password,  access Flipgrid on desktops/laptops.

The 3rd grade checkout has been lacking, so I pulled a dozen or so books that either I love or other students love…but that haven’t really been moving among these students.  I laid 9 of them down on the floor, gave each a number, and asked students to show me – using their fingers – which book they’d like to hear about.  Books that had big interest included Herbert’s Wormhole, Poppy, Young Fredle, Timmy Failure, and the Goddess Girls series.  I booktalked 2-3 titles per class.  There was only one book I chose to include had no student interest, but is one that is an amazing sci-fi adventure…with a terribly misleading cover: The Magic Half by Annie Barrows.  Whenever I talk this title, I won’t show the cover until I have finished the (tantalizing) booktalk.  I’ve always got boys who are eager to read this after the talk, too!

After 10min of booktalks, it was Flipgrid time!  They were pumped to see what they’d created, and I gave them a new idea – if they had a question or comment to someone after watching their video clip, they could create a video response.  Their photo should be a paper with the student’s name, so that they’d know to watch the video.  I had one student choose to do this, and it worked beautifully (she had a connection with his comments on Candy’s visit).  Yay for connecting students, Flipgrid!

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