Five, Six, Seven, NATE!


Five, Six, Seven, NATE! by Tim Federle

7 word review: Nate’s in E.T. on Broadway.  Cue stardom!

Realistic fiction.  Second in a series.  Reads well as a stand-alone.  Share with ages 10+.

Thirteen-year-old Nate has done the impossible: after sneaking off to NYC from his small Pennsylvania town, he’s landed a role in a Broadway play!  Small as it is – he’s the second understudy to ET in E.T.: The Musical – he’s ready to live his dream.  Life in the theatre, though, isn’t quite as expected.  Early morning boot-camp, running lines with a midget little person, and a lazy director are unexpected, but they won’t stop Nate from chasing after his dream to be a Broadway star.

I haven’t read the first novel (shame on me), but that didn’t slow down the pace or feeling of this story.  Nate’s life as a misunderstood theatre-loving kid trying his darndest to make it is honest, yet hopeful.  A quick yet memorable read.  If teenagers chasing dreams and exploring their true selves isn’t your cup of tea, leave this novel for the more mature readers.

Favorite quotes from Five, Six, Seven, NATE!:

“All that matters is that I’m proud of myself.”

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