The Abominables

The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson

abominables-eva-ibbotson7 word review: Yetis live! Hide them from hunters, quick.

Fantasy, adventure.  Stand-alone novel.  Share with ages 9-12.

Ibbotson’s final novel (d. 2010) is a fantastical adventure sure to delight.  Yetis – or Sasquatches, Bigfoots or Abominable Snowmen – exist.  After living peacefully for dozens of years in the Himalayas, their existence has been discovered.  Two young children volunteer to “rescue” the yeti from their imminent demise by taking them to a safe house in England.  What follows is a madcap adventure that spans the globe, sprinkling in a healthy awareness of environmentalism and animal cruelty along the way.  Will the yeti live?  Or will they be hunted to extinction?  Take on this adventure to find out!  Includes b/w illustrations.

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