Library Lessons: Feb 3-7, 2014

Since I never posted from early February, here are the pictures. They do tell a thousand words, I’ve been told… 🙂


2nd grade:

3rd grade:

Printable Clever Jack Takes the Cake activity is HERE!

3 thoughts on “Library Lessons: Feb 3-7, 2014

  1. Diane Jones

    Just wondering what you did to get your students ready for the author visit. I have one coming in April and would love some suggestions.

    1. ajdickens Post author

      Before authors visit, students have an opportunity to listen to many of their stories (either in library class or in their classrooms).
      After I read a story, I use the TAG strategy: Tell what we like, Ask a question (perfect prep for when the author comes and asks the students if they have questions!), and Give a suggestion. I may do only 1-2 of the TAG acronyms in a class period.
      Sometimes, i’ll have students write what they liked or their question to hang as work.
      We’ve used Tagxedo ( to create word art, incorporating words that relate to a particular book by the author. My students could choose their favorite book that we’d read, then make the appropriate word cloud. They LOVED this.
      If the author has a website, we visit it and see what we can learn prior to his/her visit.
      On the day of the visit, I wish I’d thought to have a breakfast/lunch (depending on time of day) with a handful of students and the author.
      Good luck, and enjoy the experience! Take tons of pictures, too!
      🙂 arika


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