Gimme a Call

I recently went on a week-long vacation with a suitcase full of novels.  Blissfully unplugged, I spent my time doing what I love: having adventures with my family and reading.   Here’s one of the books I read:

gimme-a-callGimme a Call by Sarah Mylnowski

7 word review: Ring, ring.  Who’s there?  You, freshman year.

Science-fiction / realistic fiction.  YA.  Stand-alone novel.  Share with ages 13-17.

Take a standard YA novel premise (breaking up), add a bit of sci-fi, and this original novel is born.  Senior Devi’s devastated with the ending of her 4 year relationship.  When her cell starts acting up, it calls only one person: her, 4 years ago, freshman year.  Senior Devi realizes that she can give advice to Frosh Devi, with the idea that she’ll fix all that she screwed up in the last 4 years.  But Newton said it best: each action has an equal or opposite reaction, which Devi will soon learn.  With a Back to the Future vibe, this is a quick beach read for the YA fans out there.

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